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Wigan Motorcycle rider training

Wigan motorcycle riding training school

We can offer training for individuals from complete novice level to advance.

Wigan motorcycle riding training school

The benefits...

  • Fuel, insurance and motorcycle hire included.
  • We are at the forefront of the rider training industry.
  • Successfully training pupils to the highest standards.
  • Training pupils to pass the required courses first time.
  • We have fully qualified and approved instructors.
  • Some courses can lead to insurance premium reductions.
  • Gain confidence and skills.
Wigan motorcycle riding training school

You can learn...

  • How to ride motorcycles at slow and high speeds.
  • Motorcycle control skills.
  • How to take corners safely.
  • Emergency collision avoidance techniques.
  • Become a better rider in different environments.
  • Become more knowledgeable of your machine's capabilities.
Wigan motorcycle riding training school

Courses available...

  • CBT + Module 1 + Module 2 course
  • Advanced course
  • Return to biking course
  • CBT training
  • Pay as you go lessons

CBT + Module 1 + Module 2 course

Course details

  • CBT (full day basic training).

  • 4 x 2 hour lessons.

  • Runs to the test centre for Module 1 and Module 2 tests.

Prices: Please contact us.

CBT (test fee included)
Mod 1 + 2 (test fee included)

We use St Helens or Atherton test centres. Test runs to other test centres are priced on an individual basis.

Advanced course


Your instructor will focus on specific skills helping you to develop awareness of your bike, the road and your surroundings. You will be taught how to choose the right position on the road, ride at the appropriate speed, select the right gear and accelerate where appropriate. Once you've developed these skills you’ll be ready to prove them in the advanced test (tested by an examiner).

Course details

  • 2 day instruction course.

  • Tested by examiner (approximately 4 hours).

  • The test is graded as fail, pass, merit and distinction.


2 day instruction course Please contact us
Examiner fee (payable to the examiner direct) Please contact us

Return to biking course


We offer a motorcycle refresher course for riders who have passed their test, but wish to brush up on their road craft and ensure they get the most out of their motorcycling. Perhaps you have had a short break from motorcycling or perhaps you just want to get that little bit more from your bike.

Ideal for

  • Motorcycle riders who have been away from biking for a time.
  • For riders who are upgrading to a larger heavier bike.
  • To help further develop your motorcycle skills.

Course details

Course duration: 1 day.

Course fee: Please contact us.

CBT training


CBT is the starting point if you're new to riding any motorcycle. This is a course run by training bodies approved by the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) and you must complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before riding on the roads for the first time.

Our friendly and professional instructors will guide you through all the necessary stages of your CBT training to get you on the bike of your choice safely and with confidence.

The price includes all the equipment you need on the day, such as a motorcycle helmet and clothing, and also a motorbike/scooter, inclusive of insurance and fuel.

Learn more about CBT


MondayPlease contact us
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Pay as you go lessons

The benefits

  • Training is with a fully qualified instructor.
  • Spread the costs of lessons over a period of time.
  • The price includes all the equipment you need on the day, such as a motorcycle helmet and clothing, and also a motorbike/scooter, inclusive of insurance and fuel.


2 hour lessonPlease contact us
3 hour lessonPlease contact us

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Terms and conditions

Acceptance for training and testing is subject to the following terms and conditions

  • We have motorcycle jackets, helmets and gloves available for you to use during your training, but we require you to wear jeans and sturdy footwear (preferably boots). Tracksuit bottoms and trainers are not deemed as safe riding apparel.

  • As we operate a 2:1 pupil to instructor basis, please note that punctuality is very important to ensure your fellow pupil is not inconvenienced and that your training can start in a prompt and effective manner.

  • Any change to your appointment needs to be made 24 hours prior and your lesson will be forfeit if you are more than 15 minutes late.

  • On the day of the lesson our instructors will make an assessment of your capacity to be riding a motorcycle/scooter and will not allow training to take place if you are deemed to be unfit through illness, drink or drugs. This is not only for your safety but for that of other road users.

  • We offer a zero tolerance policy in regard to drink and drugs, your lesson will be forfeit and no refunds will be given.

  • We use St Helens or Atherton test centres, test runs to other test centres are priced on an individual basis.

Please contact us for our latest terms and conditions.

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